Lee Brochstein is a serial entrepreneur, and as she was selling one business and thinking about what she was passionate about for her next business, she decided that there wasn’t enough focus on women at midlife, their challenges, their accomplishments, and the magnificent journey they all walk at some point, as they approach and embrace midlife. She realized she wanted to create a business that served women at this amazing time in their lives, and began to lay the foundation for an event that would be a jumping off point for that new business entity. Along the way, she happened to meet a doctor who specialized in caring for women at midlife, Dr. Faith Whittier, and she asked her to be a part of this event series. Dr. Whittier was interested in a larger role in the company, and they entered into a partnership and set about bringing this vision to life.

Lee Brochstein

Lee Brochstein has come full circle in her life. Turning 50 in 2017 has definitely been a milestone, and she’s the menopausal mom of two who often forgets what she is saying in the middle of her sentences. Ten years ago, Lee started a humor blog when she became what she fondly likes to call an eunuch (i.e., had a complete hysterectomy). The blog was called Headaches, Hormones, and Hot Flashes and her audience quickly fell in love with her quick wit and fun writing style. Her blog was widely read and Lee became known as The Hot Flash Queen. You know you’re jealous! A serial entrepreneur, Lee is adept at conceiving, launching, and scaling startups, and she’s no stranger to rolling her sleeves up and doing anything it takes to be successful. That tenacity has served her well.

In addition to an amazing sense of humor, Lee’s strength lies in her innate ability to shake things up and make things happen. Along the way, she can always be counted on to come up with some pretty spectacular ideas. Lee has written for The Huffington Post, ehow, Spark & Hustle, AOL.com, and SheKnows.com. She has also been featured in the Houston Business Journal and The Houston Chronicle.

Lee’s passion is for all women walking this journey of midlife with her to know they can follow their dreams, and to help them any way she can. Her biggest life goal is to be able to sleep all night without waking up at least twice to pee.

Dr. Faith Whittier

Faith Whittier is a coach, a healer, and an MD who can sometimes have an attitude, but only the best kind. She’s also raising two sons, whom she adores, but who have their own thoughts on her attitude. Dr. Faith, as her patients lovingly call her, has built her reputation on her good works, kind words, and the caring way she treats her patients and those with whom she works.

Her passion for women’s healthcare and delivering babies made choosing the specialty of Ob-GYN seamless. But, as those 3am deliveries started to take their toll, Dr. Faith decided to pursue her passion for providing Wellness and Preventative care to patients, and completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine.

The use of hormones, herbs, and supplements to reduce the symptoms of menopause and other health issues that come with midlife fascinated Dr. Faith, and she turned that into a successful practice that helps women achieve optimum health well into their later years. Azna Wellness Center has not only helped Dr. Faith achieve her personal goals as a physician, fueled her passion for providing wellness care for women, and has also helped her navigate her own journey through midlife.

Dr. Faith believes that life is a big learning journey and that her journey has just begun. She believes in the integration of traditional and integrative medicine to achieve optimal health and well being

Dr. Faith is bilingual, grateful to have been raised in a Spanish-speaking household. She knows that no matter what language you speak, medicine isn’t a one size fits all solution, especially for women in midlife. And that’s what makes her a great doctor and astute businesswoman. Like her patients, Dr. Faith is excited to see what this next phase of her journey brings as she embraces midlife and all the amazing things ahead.

She is a Board Certified Ob-GYN, a member of TMA, ACOG, and has served as a policy maker on the Medical Committee of the Women’s Health and Family Planning Association of the State of Texas. She has appeared frequently on TV and radio as an expert on the topic of women’s health.