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Healthy Granola Muffin Cups ready to go

Healthy Granola Muffin Cups with Yogurt and Berries

I’m a fan of a good breakfast and most mornings my breakfasts either include Greek yogurt and fruit, eggs, or my favorite protein drink. This weekend I experimented with what I’m sure will become one of my new favorite breakfast go-tos, these delicious and healthy Granola Muffin Cups with Yogurt and Berries. After all, what’s […]

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake—The Perfect Dessert

I make a lot of meals that are rich and filling, and sometimes the best accompaniment to a big meal is a dessert that’s tasty, but not too sweet. That’s where Italian desserts and recipes like this Chocolate Olive Oil Cake often come in extra handy. This recipe in particular delivers up just the right […]

Eggnog Challah French Toast

The Eggnog Challah French Toast Miracle

If you’re like me, you see the word “eggnog” and stop in your tracks. Then, when you see that the very next word is “Challah” it’s over. Eggnog Challah French Toast. It sounds tempting, doesn’t it? Truth be told, I don’t even really like French Toast all that much, but when I saw a version […]

Lemony Butter Cookies

Lemony Butter Cookies—My Idea of Pure Perfection

Lemon is just about my most favorite thing on the planet. Butter is my second. That means that Lemony Butter Cookies are not only my idea of pure perfection, they are pretty much to die for. This recipe is super simple and if you make enough to share, they will make you an instant hit with […]

6 steps for handling separation.

Sometimes a marriage feels over, but upon examination there exist a few embers which could potentially reignite the whole damn thing (not the technical definition). Often a marital relationship appears to have gone horribly awry, yet participants believe time apart could serve to remind why the union was initiated in the first place (again not […]

Clean Wineglasses

The Magic Way to Clean Your Wineglasses and Barware

It’s the holiday season and chances are good you’re entertaining a bit. I’m a bit of fanatic when I’m cooking for a crowd, and am more than a little freakish about having crystal clean wineglasses and barware. I don’t know why, but for some reason wine just seems to taste better when you’re drinking it […]

chocolate biscuits

Desserts to Die For—The Best, Most Amazing Chocolate Biscuits

A chef friend of mine shared the recipe for these chocolate biscuits years ago (for which I am ever grateful) and they remain a favorite—especially with holiday meals. They are perfect after a big meal—when you don’t want something too sweet, but do want something as an accoutrement to a lovely meal. These chocolate biscuits […]