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healthy breakfast ideas

Morning Nutrition: 10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Boost Energy and Build Muscle

Starting the day with a good breakfast is important, no matter what your age. And if you’re like me, a woman at middle age working to keep my energy levels high, my bones strong, and focused on building muscle, eating the right things at the right times matters. That means morning nutrition is top of […]


Jeepers, Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers

If you can’t see the menu at a restaurant anymore, raise your hand! Yet another symptom of aging that sucks. It doesn’t matter how good or bad your eyesight is, it seems as though when you hit the age of about 41, your eyes change. For some of us, it gets harder to see read […]


Bacon and Egg Stuffed Sweet Potato: A Twist on a Traditional Combo

Whether you’re focused on improving your health, trying to eat better and manage weight, or powering your fitness regime with smart, nutritious eating, start by boosting the nutrition of your breakfast. The traditional bacon-and-eggs breakfast combination isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but adding a sweet potato to the mix is a great, unexpected way to take a […]

Feeling Younger Intersection M

Five Secrets to Feeling Young and Energetic After 40

I spend so much time taking care of everyone else, it’s easy to neglect my own health. Sound familiar? As a busy mom, wife, and business owner, I admit my yearly physical gets postponed (or never scheduled), exercise gets put off, sleep seems more and more elusive, and I lack the energy to do the […]

Become a Home Chef Overnight with Home Meal Delivery Services

I live in my head. This doesn’t mean I’m crazy, although I might be, it means for me that in my head, I’m really kind of super accomplished. For instance, in my head I am a master home chef, I have a runner’s body, and I still look as hot as I did in my […]

midlife employees

Midlife Employees – The Gold Standard of Employment

Ageism is a real thing. Many employers find the younger, fresh-out-of-school and up-to-date employees more attractive than those who have been in the workforce for decades. Hiring managers tend to assume that older candidates will be less creative, less productive, not as sharp mentally, and more expensive to employ than their younger counterparts—but these stereotypes […]

Child Is Gay

What to Say if Your Child Tells You They Are Gay

There is an alarming statistic in America that shows the attempted suicide rate and suicide ideation among LGBTQ youth is significantly higher than that of the general population of the same age. While it is difficult to pull exact numbers because of the oftentimes secrecy of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity at a […]